[18+ Movies] Eternity Directors Cut (2010)



Papo is the old man owner of Camp Wood. Just marriage with a young beautiful named Yupadee from the city. She comes to lived at Camp Wood. To make her see Sang-Mong, A many young man of Papo. She likes tease to play with Sang-Mong as a young. Until they have a clandestine sexual relations. Eventually, Papo was caught them in bungalow. Papo quoted Yupadee for Sang-Mong. But they must be together all day and night. They hook arms chained together at all times.

Tragic love of a young man and woman. Believe that love is forever. It begins.

Director: M.L. Pundhevanop Dhewakul
Release Date: September 16, 2010 (Thailand)
Language: Thai
Country: Thailand

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