[18+ Movies] Kamasutra Nights (2008)



The story begins with a girl named Maya, who is studying in America with her best friend, Alexandria. Maya found out that she has a mansion in India, thus she went to India with Alexandria for a holiday. Both were informed by their driver that they are not to enter the forest behind the mansion.

Both girls were greeted by their auntie, also named Maya, where she owns the mansion. They entered the forest and Alexandria falls for a hunky artist, Crosby. Maya, meanwhile, met Milind, a man who lives in the caves and makes a living by making love potions. Alexandria falls for Crosby and Maya was bedazzled for Milind. Thus, all are engaging in endless sex and physical contact. When Alexandria found out that Maya is possessed, she seeks a solution to rescue Maya from Crosby.

Director: Eric Manning
Writers: Randor Guy, Jason Krieger
Stars: Sunny Malick, Zain Jamal, Eric Manning
Country: India
Language: English | Tamil
Release Date: 2008 (USA)
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 140 min

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