[18+ Movies] My Brother’s Wife (2016) hyeong-nim a-nae



Synopsis: I had a pension near Seoul. My husband who was in fashion traveled alot. The furnace had been fixed but that only lasted a day. The repairman was rude so there was a fight. My husband is away but the furnace is broken again. I called the headquarters to send another repairman but the rude one came back. We were arguing about the bill when the repairman forced himself onto me at the table. I couldn’t call the police, I couldn’t tell my husband. My husband says there was a robber in the neighborhood. He said I was in danger by myself so he put out an ad to rent out the first floor of our building. The new tenant was the repairman. He sang a weird song all day. My husband who was away called every day but I was still nervous. The repairman sang for 3 days. I didn’t like it. I was walking when the repairman pushed me inside a shed. He smiled. I liked the sex that I didn’t want with the repairman. My husband came back but I missed the repairman. The repairman and my husband got along well and one day when my husband got drunk and fell asleep the repairman came close to me, singing…

Director: Lee Dol (??)
Stars: Lee Eun-mi-I , Hwang Bin (??), Hong Seok-hyeon
Genres: Drama, Melodrama, Romance
My Brother’s Wife / hyeong-nim a-nae / 형님 아내
Info: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_My_Brother__s_Wife.php
Release Date: 2016 (South Korea)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotic
Stars: Lee Eun-mi-I, Hwang Bin, Hong Seok-hyeon

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