[18+ Movies] My Wife Got Married (2008)



Cute and attractive, In-a loves old books like an intellectual and has as much knowledge and passion for soccer as men. Moreover she is a nice communicator. The more Deok-hoon gets to know her, the more addicted to her he becomes. But unlike Deok-hoon who wants to love only her all his life, In-a says she loves Deok-hoon but not him alone. She wants to live with the men she loves being with. “But what is important now is that she loves me! As long as she loves me, she’s mine.
He thought once they got married the game would be over. One day her cell phone is off. Out of anxiety Deok-hoon asks In-a why she turned her phone off, and In-a makes a shocking profession that she slept with another man. In a fit of anger, Deok-hoon declares their separation. But no matter how hard he tries to forget her, he cannot. In fact, his yearning for her becomes stronger. After thinking for a long time, he reaches a conclusion. The only way to own her exclusively is marrying her because she cannot love only one man.
“To end your free love, I will take you to the tomb of love – marriage!” I am not her friend. I am not her former husband either. I am her husband. But…my wife got married!
After persistently requesting her hand in marriage, Deok-hoon eventually succeeds. However, there is a condition that he should accept her love. One day In-a makes a declaration that she has a new man she loves. She makes a suggestion that is beyond imagination–she wants to also marry the man. Will Deok-hoon defeat the guy? Or will he give her up? Or…will he share her?

Directed:Yun-su Jeon
Genre:Comedy | Romance
Runtime:119 min
Country:South Korea

Ju-hyuk Kim … Noh Deok-hoon
Ye-jin Son … Joo In-ah
Sang-wook Joo … Han ae-kyeong
Jeong-se Oh … Byeong-soo

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