An Affair My Wife’s Friend (2018)


The wife’s friend fills in for the wife on lonely nights!
Hyun-joo quits her job and gets kicked out of the house she can’t pay for. In the end, she stays at Hye-jin’s while she looks for a job. Despite her worries, Hye-jin’s husband Sang-woo is kind to her. One day, Hyun-joo is home alone with Sang-woo because Hye-jin is away working. They start drinking and cross a line they shouldn’t have crossed. Meanwhile, Hye-jin has to share a room with her co-worker because they don’t have enough rooms in the motel.

Directed by Jo Tae-ho (조태호)
Erotic, Melodrama, Romance
71min | Release date in South Korea : 2018/05/17

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