August 15, 2018

Selfie Raja (2016)

Selfie Raja is a comedy entertainer about a guy, who runs into a host of problems because of his addiction to selfies. Country: India Language: Telugu Release Date: 15 July 2016 (India) Genres: Comedy Runtime: 128 min SERVER VIP 1 - HD 720p SERVER VIP 2 - HD 720p

Lie (2017)

LIE revolves around a guy named A. Satyam and tells it as Asatyam. He falls in love with a girl who falls for him for all the lies he says. It is the story of how he manages both love and his enmity don (Arjun) with intelligence. Country: India Language: Telugu Release Date: 11 August 2017 (India) Genres: Romance | Thriller Runtime: 145 min SERVER...
In September, Amala Paul was selected to play one of the female lead. First the makers chose Tapsee Pannu for the another role, which was later bagged by Richa Gangopadhyay. But Richa was officially replaced and Tapsee Pannu was selected as the second female lead in the movie. Later, Catherine Tresa replaced her. Chakri was the initial choice for...

Dushman (2017)

Two men from India and pakistan turn friends from enemies. Language: Panjabi Release Date: 30 January 2017 (India) Genres: Drama Runtime: 143 min SERVER VIP 1 - HD 720p SERVER VIP 2 - HD 720p
Produced by Raajaysh Chetwal (Rhombus Films), 'The Wishing Tree' is a magical, inspirational and an extremely entertaining story of five children in a hill-station somewhere in India, who come together to save their 'wishing tree' from being cut by vested interests. The film is extremely lively, endearing and engrossing so that the underlying message to protect trees and environment...
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Bailaras (2017)

Bailaras is the story of a villager named Jagga who owns a belarus tractor and is famous for winning tochan (tug of war between tractors) competitions in and around his village. The tractor is his prized possession and his entire life revolves around it. The only problem in his life is the constant pressure on him by his family...

Bhoomi (2017)

A revenge drama that centers on the relationship between a father and daughter. Country: India Language: Hindi Release Date: 22 September 2017 (USA) Genres: Action | Drama Runtime: 136 min SERVER VIP 1 - HD 720p SERVER VIP 2 - HD 720p

Kadamban (2017)

The lives of people living in traditional ways in the South Indian jungle are depicted in this movie. Country: India Language: Tamil | Hindi Release Date: 14 April 2017 (India) Genres: Action | Adventure | Drama Runtime: 142 min SERVER VIP 1 - HD 720p SERVER VIP 2 - HD 720p

Attwadi Kaun (2017)

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