Goddess Eowoodong (2017)


Because of Eowoodong the men in the neighborhood can’t sleep at night! Eowoodong escapes before she can be arrested for causing havoc. She escapes to a village where she falls and loses her memory. A bachelor in town finds her and nurses her back to health. He tells Eowoodong to stay with him until she regains her memory. But in a small village, word of Eowoodong’s beauty spreads quickly and it scintillates the instincts of the men in town.

Alternate Titles: 신어우동 2017 (sin-eo-u-dong)
Directed by………: Kim Tae-soo (김태수)
Stars……………: Kim In-ae (김인애), Lee Da-min (이다민), Lee Yoo-chan (이유찬),…

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