Grey Youth Choir – Another Dream (2017)


The music sung by those with the average over 65 years old still rings hearts.
South Korea’s first senior choir, the “Gray Youth Choir,” was formed on the 2011 KBS TV show “They sing the song.” They sing the song “Beyond the Name of Love,” a piece a cappella by conductor Kim Tae-won, followed by a solo by Noh Kang-jin, 85.
The crowd applauded standing the thrilling performance, although the choir brokeup 3 months later, it was just the beginning for them. On June 15, 2015, the senior choir performed at the UN in New York, In 2017, his story continues in this spectacular film.

Native title: 청춘 합창단 – 또 하나의 꿈
Also Known as: Cheonchun habchangdan – ddo hanaeui kkum;
Genres: Music, Documentary

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