Midnight in Seoul (2016)


Comic / romance / fantasy film, which is a 116-minute comic that two men and women meet for the first time in the evening and spend 10 hours together, the realities of the city’s people and winners’ takes all society. A funny and witty feature film with exaggerated expression of greed with satire and sexy comic. Seo Seo-hee (30 years old, female) who is about to leave this world and Park Ho-soon (30 years old, male) who is about to leave Seoul meet unexpectedly on the Hangang Bridge and spend the day together unexpectedly. It is a cold winter and they wanders around the nightlife of Seoul and have an affinity for each other. They start an exciting, scary, sexy, and beautiful Seoul night that unexpectedly reverses suddenly.

Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 5 May 2016 (South Korea)
Genres: Comedy
Runtime: 117 min

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