Raging Phoenix (2009)



Deu, a beautiful but rough girl, gets kidnapped by a mysterious organization. At that moment a man named Sanim helps Deu escape from her abductors. This changes Deu’s life. Deu meet’s Sanim’s friends, a motley group, who fight for the same goal. Sanim’s group all lost loved one to the same mysterious organization that attempted to kidnap Deu. The mysterious group is known as “Jaguar” and they seek out girls with special abilities. To prevent anymore victims Deu trains with Sanim’s friends and attempts to uncover the mysterious behind “Jaguar”. Deu then decides to act as the bait as she waits to be kidnapped by “Jaguar” once again.

Other name: Rage of Phoenix; Du Suay Doo

Country: Thailand

Genres: Life, Martial Arts, Movie

Date aired: Aug 12, 2009

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